North by Northeast

Taking 4 years to make a full length record doesn't sound logical, but sometimes doing it right matters, plus there are a ton of other factors to take into consideration, when being in a band is not a full time thing. After one EP and a seven inch, after countless hours spent rehearsing and writing, after mishaps and good things happening in and around the band we finally sat down, dusted off a couple of oldies, wrote a bunch of new ones and completed a 12 song LP. We’re naming it North by Northeast.


We practiced during the entire summer with that annoying click hovering over our ears constantly (it actually does help) and went into Matrix studio to start recording in October with Mr Lee, our main man when it comes to engineering. Weekend after weekend, two months of recording and editing went by and finally in the beginning of December we had our new friend and punk rock veteran Paul Miner over at Buzzbomb Soundlabs in California mix and master all the songs. We are thrilled with the result and very excited to share our little record with everyone.

Ultragrim slapped the awesome artwork he came up with together and everything is ready to be sent to pressing plants. We graciously thank everyone for their help and talent in making North by Northeast possible.

Layers [2:19]

Today we release one new song to the public with the entire record being available to stream in the coming weeks. The song is called “Layers” and it’s the first track of the LP, a strong indication in which direction the record is gonna head. We believe the record has a little something for all punk rock music tastes from longer to shorter songs, from mid-tempo melodies to damn fast rockin’.

More good things are just around the corner so keep tuning back in and thanx for the support!

Mini Balkan Tour

What is up?

Anybody feel like a year starts on September the 1st instead of January? We hope for it to be good. The summer is officially gone and we have been lurking quietly under the radar aiming at good future things.

We have wanted to play outside of Greece for a long fucking time. At first it was impossible, then too much work and life's bitter mishaps got in the way, now it seemed like the right time to try it. After some ups and downs this summer, unending messages and anxiety we finally will be on tour during the week of September 9th to September the 15th. One week of road trippin' through Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania and Croatia. Ready to meet some fresh faces; so far the embrace has been very cool for us "too old to be young" punk rockers. Elena and Thanassis will be our designated drivers, counselors, psychiatrists you name it! God damn we owe them big. Many people to thank for
sharing info, advice and any help possible, George and everyone in Wish upon a star, Apostolis WAK, everyone in Kratarammeno Stoma, Kostis VJ, Alek Faak, Igor from Fat President, Spyros from Bad Luck and of course Sinke from Fast Response. The rest we will thank in person!!

It's possible we may play Athens after the mini tour, details still must be figured out and if we do we'll post some info soon. Otherwise we probably won't be playing Athens for the rest of this year. After we return we have some hard work awaiting us...

We'll try and have some kind of daily update or mini tour blog for our week away from home.

Have a good one !

New music

After a little break from our usual updates on this site we return with a promised present. The entire "A Glitch in the Hive" seven inch is now available for download from this very spot. If you like what you hear the record (along with a free copy of a cd version of the songs) is available through this website (contact us), at our next shows and at the Uprising Hardcore Distro ( ), Rhythm Records in downtown Athens ( ) and the Scarecrow Records distro
( ). A sweet thank you kiss to the nice people helping us distribute the release. Considering we've only done a couple of shows so far in 2013 the record has been well received from a lot of people. Thanx!!

Moving on to some really exciting news, a good friend has been kind enough to offer we record two new songs at his studio in the coming weeks. This means we're setting the plans for an LP aside for a little while and aim for maybe a split seven inch release. More info on this will be posted after the recording.

Our next shows are happening on May 11th in LA(rissa) being invited to the fifth birthday of True to the Game Records. A two day fest with great bands is in the works! On May the 18th we play in Athens with the legendary Strung Out, one of our favorite bands!! Day oof and Satelights will rock along on that sacred night.

March was pretty harsh to us, so we wish everyone reading this all the best!

A Glitch In The Hive

We’re naming our upcoming seven inch “A Glitch In The Hive“, it’s a silly thing probably only the four of us get, which seems pretentious, but is totally suiting, since we put some fucking effort and stress into this little project. Many thanx go to Dimitris Misirlis and the work he did at Matrix Studio here in Athens, Maria, Andreas and Ultragrim for their great help in making and setting up the whole artwork and Apostolis and the entire World’s Appreciated Kitch collective in helping us release it. We are now waiting for 300 seven inches to arrive, so in the meantime today we post a song from the total three, which will be featured on the vinyl. The song is called “Now that you’re gone” and is probably in between the other two, quality-wise. If you like it one song is better and one is not, if not everything sux… The vinyl will be accompanied by a cd with the same three songs for those who are still interested in supporting us but don’t have a turntable.

Now that you're gone [3:00]

To be honest we don’t have any plans for a release show. A seven inch with three songs doesn’t feel like it needs a release show, we’ll keep in mind to play a nice show in the near future and have it available then in Athens, our hometown. Anyone aching to have it before then please email our lazy asses.

In the meantime, we’re planning one and maybe two shows outside of Athens with our good friends from LA.(rissa), punk rockers Absent. They also have a three song seven inch coming up which fuckin’ rips it. Cannot wait to get our hands on that. The so far confirmed show is happening at Thessaloniki, a first for us(!!), at the Viologiko squat on the 28th of December. Also on the bill are Slavebreed and Warfuck, the show being labeled Grindcore vs Punkrock. Takis says we’ll lose hands down… Ha, we’ll see about that my friend!

Have a good holiday rest people, see you out there!

P.S. : Elena, who is our internet site helper, is going to Peru for a couple of months, so we’ll mostly post everything newsworthy on fb, until she is back home. Did anyone say “jealous”?

September birthday show

Hey !

Welcome back ! The summer was ok, mostly hot and slow which is not that bad. Most of us spent our summery days in Athens, getting things done that you never do any other time of the year. We rested. Enough said about our lazy asses. We hope everyone reading this had a good one and are prepared for what looks like another difficult year.

On a really nice side note our first show of the "season" is on September 29th here in Athens at the An club. The event is for a friend of ours' 22nd birthday, so above all it's gonna be a party with some great music and hopefully loads of cake. Another one falls, Dead city motion, All around heroes and 10 to go are all great bands and we'll get to play alongside them. Excellent, if you ask us! We hope we can see some friends there!

The songs we recorded in July have almost been mixed and mastered, then comes the hard part of paying the pressing plant. If all goes well we may have everything done in November. Imagine if we did an LP... Speaking of an LP, we have some even newer songs we're working on and along some songs that have never been recorded, they all are supposed to become a full record sometime in the future. The plan is either to record in December or play some shows in Europe. We're aiming for the second part of that plan. All in good time.

See you at the show !!

My turn release show and pics, recording and Oropos

On Saturday the 30th of June My Turn released their debut record "Athens" and we were there to play some songs and have a good time. And a good time we had (Yoda style). The show was so good Takis had to take his shirt off! If you haven't listened to "Athens" yet, then head over to where the whole record is available for free and support My Turn in any way you can. We made a new friend at the show who took some cool pictures of our excuse as a band. Check out her awesome blog – and listen to some Fugazi and Millencolin while you're at it. Thanx Aggi!

For the past couple of weeks we've been working semi – hard on recording three songs for a seven inch we mentioned a couple months ago. Recording went great @ Matrix Studios and now we're waiting for a lot of buttons to be pushed so we can print some seven inches! Can't exactly say when everything's gonna be ready, which is no surprise really. The songs are "House", "Making friends" and "Now that you're gone". Cannot fucking wait, to put it mildly.

Our next show is in Oropos, just outside of Athens. The second annual Fist Festival is taking place there by some friends and we're on the bill for the 4th of August. If you're still here find a car, some friends and a bathing suit, spend the Saturday on a nice beach nearby and after that come see all the bands play! The poster's coming soon.

Till next time, have a great summer people!

'My Turn' record release show

On Saturday the 30th of June hardcore best friends My Turn are celebrating the release of their debut album " Athens " with a live show at Roi Mat in downtown... Athens ! The record sounds really great and futures 10 excellent tracks ranging from old school hardcore to downright edgie punk rock. We love it and think it's a solid sign of super hardcore musicianship that elevates our small but growing Greek scene to better levels. Ok, we're not very objective on the matter, but don't take our word for it, head over to and listen to some songs of the new record and soon to the entire thing to find out for yourself.

Punkoustic Jetlag Duo, us and One Last Round are paving the way on Saturday for the boys in My Turn to hit the stage and play some new and older songs ! Be there around 21.00 to catch some great DJ sets before the live show and stick around afterwards to drink some beers and virgin cocktails. Can't efin wait !!


Photos, Kavala and a seven inch

That kinda sounds like a record title. A weird record title. Anyway, our friend Andreas took some photos of us playing at the Wish upon a star release show. The photos look great and we're posting some of them here.

Our next show is in Kavala, a beautiful city in the north. We've been trying to play there for a little while now and finally our friends in the legendary Broken Glasses make it happen. To top it, they are headlining the show, having not played in Kavala themselves for almost two years. Us and hardcore buddies My Turn are gonna join them on the 19th of May at the Jazz – Rock bar. Can't fucking wait…

Last but not least, we've decided to record three songs for a seven inch we wanna do, almost two years after our last (official) recording. We're in the process of crossing the t's and dotting the i's on the songs that are making the seven inch and are getting anxious to start recording. More news will follow, hopefully shortly, about all this. All the best !!

Wish Upon a Star record release show

Our good friends in Wish Upon a Star are releasing their new record "Something to hold onto" on Saturday the 7th of April. To celebrate they're hosting a live show on that date @ the Jasmin Rock Club in Athens and have asked us and Bad Bid to join the fun. The new record has 8 songs on it that sound amazing and bring everything the band has to offer to the fullest so far. Great stuff to say the least.

The boys are promoting the release with their first European tour ever, playing 15 shows in almost 20 days from Serbia to Germany and back to Greece. We feel very honored to be part of the release party and hope to see you there to have a blast with all the bands. An after show party will follow.

In any case remember to support your local scene in any way you can! And Wish Upon a Star and this record totally deserve it.


First ever show in Patra

We were invited to play in Patra on the 23rd of March by friends who run the Prokat 35 squat in Patra. The line up was us, Dirty Wombs - a crusty japcore influenced band from Patra - and our old school hardcore best friends My Turn.

This was our first time playing in Patra ever, so we were pretty excited for the show. The squat is in the area of the local University and has been established for quite some time now. Dirty Wombs played first and delivered a tight and hellfast set. Check out their first EP here: dirtywombs blogspot. My Turn were next and played another great and energetic show which is no surprise to anyone who's seen them live before. People fell on top of each other, sang along, everything was fast and loud. Excellent. We finished a great night playing our set and prolonging it ( after demand ) with Nofx and Pennywise covers and a legendary Greek pop cover song. Everybody sang along and we had an amazing time.

Our thank you's go to everyone from the Prokat 35 squat for hosting the show and having us, to our new friends in Dirty Wombs, to the boys in My Turn and the rest of our friends from Athens who helped fire the room up.

Xat Trik Show and Nick

On Saturday March 3rd we played in Athens at the Kyttaro Club with Xat Trik and our friends Middle Fingers High. This was our first show with Nick, our new second guitarist. He was pretty nervous but did fine and has already helped the band out a lot so we welcome him officially and hope he can stand the rest of us as long as possible.

The show was packed with young and older (more like our age…) faces and we had a good time playing our 30 minute set, except for Nikitas who said he hadn't played that awfully since a terrible show we did ages ago. Talk about progress! We played two cover songs for Danae and Lydia, two friends of ours who are sin twisters (pun intended) and celebrated their 26th birthday when the clock struck twelve. Happy fuckin' birthday girls! Danae, if you're by any chance reading this, sorry for fucking the songs up… We sincerely wish you a great year.

We're planning a couple of shows for this month, hope it works out, we'll continue working on and figuring out new songs to finally start recording some of them in the near future. If you've read this have a good week!


We started talking about having an internet page a while back. Our good friends Elena and Thanassis suggested they have a go at it and if we like it, we keep it. We already were really late on the myspace wagon and facebook was the new trend, to which we also succumbed rather late as usual, so we wanted to do something different, something personal.

With all these social media sites and blogs floating around we wondered if it would be a good idea to even have an official internet page. Fast forward a few months later and witness Elena's magic and the answer is pretty simple. The site rips! It looks really beautiful and we have total control over it. We can post anything we want, write shit we care about whenever we feel like it, promote our shows and our music and also friends and their shit while looking really really cool about it. Sounds a bit cocky sure, but look how shiny (!!), as Ross would say.

Anyway, we'll still post stuff on social media sites ( myspace too !), but is our new home and we stand strong when we say that the internet is at its greatest when it exudes creativity and diversity. We hope you like it !