We started playing as a trio in January of 2010, Nikitas on the drums, Drossos on the bass and singing and Takis on the guitar. Before that each one of us mostly rehearsed with various friends but rarely did any punk shows. After a first few months of getting our shit together as good as we could we did our first couple of shows in Athens and soon after played all over the countryside of Greece, travelling from Komotini in the north to the island of Crete in the south. In between we recorded and self - released our first EP with six songs in December of 2010. Right about then was when we added George to the picture as a second guitarist.  

    We continued to play whenever and wherever possible around Greece making new friends and getting to know new places. We've played clubs, bars, squats and autonomously organised spaces, made many friends and listened to great bands from everywhere. In February of 2012 George left the band and Nick filled his punk rock shoes. The friendship we made is far more important than our little band and we owe him the greatest of gratitude and respect.

  To this day we try to write a variety of fast to mid tempo melodic punk rock songs with our heads mostly on the fast part. Our lyrical message comes from a personal and sociopolitical point of view and we always value our choices as a band according to our beliefs. Usually we succeed. The goal is to keep playing where people will have us, keep making music we enjoy releasing and have fun at it.

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Drossos: Bass & Vocals
Takis: Guitar
Nikitas: Drums
Nick: Guitar

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